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 Company Information 

Pamalyne Co., Ltd. was established in 1978 as an affiliate of Saturn Chemical Ltd. and has been in the business for more than 39 years. Both Pamalyne and Saturn have been engaged in a large variety of business which include various chemicals such as food and fine chemicals, industrial chemicals, laboratory chemicals and reagents; and non-chemical business such as laboratory apparatus and instruments, scientific instruments, Test sieves, Sieve shakers, Sonic Sifter, Consistometer, Hand Refractometer, Food validation instruments, Agri Measurement Instruments, Fruit Tester etc.

Backed by long experience and extensive product knowledge in this market Pamalyne Co.,Ltd. is not only highly trusted by customers for its reliability and services, the Company has also been recognized by its overseas suppliers, such as Endecotts Ltd. of England, T.R. Company of Italy, POPE of U.S.A., etc. who have appointed Pamalyne or its affiliates as their sole distributor/agent in Thailand since the establishment of the Company.

Pamalyne also supplies unique or sophisticated products such as Munsell Book of Colour ,

RHS Colour Charts ,Fruit Tester, Lab Grade Dewars Vacuum Flask, Besides marketing expertise for the products we are representing, we are equipped with highly capable service engineers to back up our after sale service.


Our sale office is located at :

18 /365 The Primary Ulrimate ( Nuanchan 28)

Nuanchan Road, Nuanchan , Bueng Kum District

Bangkok 10230

Telephone No: 662- 363 8933, 662- 363 8934, 662- 363 8935 

Mobile Phone: 081-616 4626, 089-114 2992

Telefax No: 662- 363 8932