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RHS Large Colour Chart 2015 (New Sixth Edition)


Now we are please to advise that -The New RHS Colour Chart New Sixth Edition 2015 are available in our stocks

The RHS Colour Chart is the standard reference for plant colour identification.

Used by the RHS, the chart is indispensable to gardeners who value accuracy in the identification of plant colours.

But it is not just gardeners that value the chart - it has been used by food manufacturers to standardise food colourings, chemical engineering companies and fabric designers.

It is because the chart has been specially developed to match nature's own colours that it has become such a useful tool.

In 2015, 21 new colours have been added to the existing 896. The 920 colours are on cards, arranged in four easy-to-use fans.

Each colour patch has a central porthole which can be laid over the object being matched.

The gloss coating on the colours has also been enhanced to provide greater scratch resistance.