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Munsell Book of Colour (Matte Edition)


Last year marked the first redesign in more than 20 years on the Munsell Book of Color Glossy Collection. Now these changes are being applied to the Munsell Book of Color – Matte Collection. The revised book is the culmination of your feedback in addition to a continuous improvement project.

Here's what's new....

A single binder includes the complete range of colours and replaces the previous dual-binder design. This same Binder will be used for either the Matte or the Glossy version of the Munsell colours. The different collections will be designated by a hanging tag on the book.

A smaller 2.75 inch ring binder measures 13.75”(L) x 3.25” (W) x 11.75” (T)

Redesigned in‐side cover graphics highlighing certain important areas of Munsell colour space