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Munsell Book of Colour Glossy Edition


The Glossy Book of Color has been completely revised and is the culmination of user feedback in addition to a continuous improvement project.

Here’s what’s new....

  • A single binder includes the complete range of colours and replaces the previous dual-binder design.
  • A smaller 3.5 inch ring binder measures 13.75”(L) x 4” (W) x 11.75” (T)
  • Redesigned cover graphics along with a brief tutorial on how the Munsell Color system works.

Another ease of use feature, each hue page includes an icon in the upper right corner. The icon provides a three-dimensional representation of where the page you’re viewing is located within Munsell colour space. In the previous version, the icon only represented a two-dimensional representation.

The icon represents the hue for the current page and also shows the opposite hue in Munsell colour space (similar to a colour wheel).

Remember... colour is three dimensional based on hue, value and chroma. Changes in any or all of the three dimensions, affects where the colour is located within Munsell colour space. The new icon reflects those changes.

Supplemental Colours will now be displayed on the hue page corresponding to the colour they most closely represent. By removing the supplemental colours from the back of the book and placing them within colour context, it’s easier for you identify additional colours and understand where they fall within Munsell Colour space.

The new book of colour is easier to learn and use with updated text and greater use of full colour graphics to illustrate Munsell Color space concepts.

The Munsell Color Notation is now easier to read. Each colour notation is prominently displayed on the reverse of each. Although the overall chip remains the same size, the tab has been slightly reduced and the page pockets embossed for easier chip removal and replacement.

Beyond improving the book, we’ve also improved the packaging to ensure that each book arrives in excellent condition and to reduce waste and shipping costs—the new package weighs 30% less than its predecessor!

Box size is 14-15/16 (L) X 6-1/2 (W) X 15-5/8 (T) and the shipping weight will be approximately: 12 lbs